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Pray with others
We invite you to pray according to the prayers that you will find in this part of the website. We have chosen these prayers from the part “Write you prayer”. There are also prayers that have been sent to us directly. Every one of us needs the prayers of the others. And as God says in the Bible of Mathew: "Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them."
Hello, please can You send me some of the miraculous Oil of St. Charbel? Thank You. Andrea. ADRES (Andrea Odstrcilikova, Hodoninska 5, Brno -17, CESKA REPUBLIKA)
Praise be Jesus Christ I ask you to pray for Zuzia, Nikodem and other children in hospital in Krakow Prokocim for sick children. Zosia and NIkodem have got cancer. Dear Father Sharbel, please bring their sicknesses of Zosia and Nikodem and other children from hospital before God in heaven, and ask Jesus to send his holy grace and heal the children from sickness. Dear Father Sharebel, Especially please ask Holy Ghost to bring hope and happiness to families of these children. Thank you dear Fathers for your presence and prayers. Praise be Jesus Christ, Karol Zagrodzki
Dearesr Saint Charbel, please listen to my prayers and be the doctor of my daughter , she needs you, I believe that you can cure her for good so that she can enjoy life and be happy by your blessings. Saint Charbel please pray for her, Thank you
Dear Saint Charbel I beg you to help me I had a terrible day today I felt so down and lonely I have not been able to sleep at night I had a nightmare last night and felt so panicked I have been having so much anxiety lately and I have been feeling so upset and abandoned please Saint Charbel heal me of all these problems please for your glory and God`s glory it`s terrible how I have been living I need love in my life your love Our Lords love I want to have loving good friends in my life please heal me I need you please also bless heal and protect mino and Marie and her uncle that passed away and their families please Saint Charbel heal me of this hurt I am feeling please heal my weight and help me to be healthy again thank you for everything you have done for me and others may it all be so we can serve you and God and give glory to you and Him and I put my trust in Our Lord thank you I love you
I would like to pray for my cousin Donna who is suffering from stage 4 cancer. I ask that God would heal her and save her and restore her to wholeness. I pray that every member of her family would draw closer to God as a result of this miracle and St. Charbels`s intercession and that she dedicates her life to saving souls.
Kochany Święty Charbelu, Błagamy Cię o wstawienie się za 17-letnią JULIĄ, która jest w ciąży i chce zabić swoje dziecko. JULIA jest w trudnej sytuacji rodzinnej. Prosimy Cię także o wstawiennictwo Twoje za ojca tego dziecka, który pragnie, aby ono żyło. Błagamy JEZUSA, aby ochronił to nienarodzone dziecko Swoją Przenajdroższą Krwią. Błagamy BOGA Wszechmogącego, by Twoją ukochaną ojczyznę LIBAN otoczył Swoją opieką i obdarzył pokojem i błogosławieństwem. Z serca dziękujemy, Jowita i Jan oraz wszyscy, którzy o to prosimy.
Dear Saint Charbel, may you hear my prayer and ask God to Grace us and bless us with a partnership of understanding and respect in life and work—to write these books and give a voice to those people and ideas rarely heard from that will inspire people about ways to work together and build their futures and countries with peace and love and that will make a way for the others. Please give us each us a sign that we will know and recognize that this will come to fruition if only we have faith, concentration, dedication and love. Angela & Ahmed
Saint Sharbel, please pray to God for the health of my friend`s father who is in serious condition in hospital, please pray for his full recovery. Thank you.
O uzdrowienie międzypokoleniowe w rodzinie Karczewskich, Łabędzkich, Rutynów i Fidurów, o zdrowie dla księdza Tadeusza Gogóła, o łaskę nawrócenia dla syna Adama i Dawida, o całkowite uwolnienie od złego ducha, skutków okultyzmu, spirytyzmu, przekleństwa w rodzinie Sabiny i Stanisława i ich 10 dzieci: Joanny, Mateusza, Michała, Dawida, Adama, Pawła, Bernadetty, Anieli, Rozalii, Franciszka, o zdrowie dla 2 Franciszka, o uzdrowienie wzroku dla Joanny, o pomoc w problemach finansowych.
Saint Sharbel pray for me. protect me from devil and any evil. please protect me from enemies traps, deliver me from curse and bad wishes, sorceries. Saint Sharbel, bring me happiness and joy, protect and save my life.
Dearest Saint Charbel, please pray for my daughter to be cured from this mental illness, you are her doctor as long as she lives. I believe that you are there for her in order to lead a normal and regular life full of good health and joy, she needs to be blessed with happiness, Thank you
Dear Mar Charbel please bless Frédéric and Stefanie who brought me your sacred oil. I`ve used it now and I have faith in you to cure me. Please hear my prayers and help me.thank you Mar Charbel
Dear Mar Charbel please intercede for Emilie`s mother, Alain, Aimé, Suzanne, Renata`s father, Rachele.Please help them get better and be delivered of all sickness and pain. Amen
Dear Mar Charbel, please heal me, I can`t take it anymore. Please make this disease go away so I can have a normal life again and not live in fear. Please help me
Dear Saint Sharbel, I think I could be pregnant :) HELP and PRAY please AMDG
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