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Pray with others
We invite you to pray according to the prayers that you will find in this part of the website. We have chosen these prayers from the part “Write you prayer”. There are also prayers that have been sent to us directly. Every one of us needs the prayers of the others. And as God says in the Bible of Mathew: "Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them."
My mum has jewels from the pawnshop to redeem. I really want to help her take out all the jewels but I too do not have much of finorryance to help with. But in faith I receive the financial blessing to help remove the worry and burden of this jewel stuff.
Dearest Charbel, Please listen to my demand so that my daughter will have good mental health to lead a normal life . Ask Jesus to bless her and the Holy Spirit to guide her and inspire her to do what is good for her to have Joy in her life. I pray day and night , remove this suffering from her life. Bless her with good health . Thank you
please pray for me that despite being torn apart from the person I love due to the deteriorating security situation in the Middle East, that we`ll be able to reach eachother with any form of contact and be together soon. And that we`ll both continue our media work that`s under threat and be blessed with the safety and security to support that work. In prayer, I ask for the intercession of Saint Cherbel to place my request and these prayers for God`s grace in my professional and personal life.
I have been praying for the complete and total healing of colon cancer for my friend, Thomas. I do believe that he has been healed and I am now praying for the blessing of continued good health. He has been continuing chemotherapy even with clear tests and it is very discouraging to him. I pray that he regains his mental and physical strength.
Dear St Charbel, please please help my son - please cure him like you did his dad. I`m not going to give up on you, please don`t give up on Zac. You`re so special and capable of so much. Please ya rabbi please heal my son of this condition . I love you. Amen
Dear St Charbel, I desperately ask you for your help. My son is really struggling and I am trying so very hard to be supportive and I am trying to guide my kids to be the best version of themselves. My son is struggling with this illness and it`s all taking its a toll on him. I`m so afraid for him and I know you are helping him and I know you are going to cure him. Please I beg you to make that happen now. He is always sad and he revealed things that break my heart. I beg you can you please help him now. Please please I beg you make this illness and all its symptoms go away permanently and allow him to enjoy his childhood. Please let my kids be happy, healthy, strong and safe from harm. Please please I beg you do NOT let my son get worse he needs you please help him please I beg you. Please do not let them get treated badly by anyone and please give them the strength to be strong and courageous. Please my son needs you please answer my prayers. Toay iīis the 22nd and with all the special blessings that this date represents on your calendar I beg you to heal my son of this illness. Please I beg you for your help. Please also help my daughter support her brother and treat him better. Please help my family. I love you amen x
Please Ya Rabbi, Ya Mar Charbel, Please I beg you.. Zacs been doing so well recently. I know it`s because of your love and prayers but please I beg you please do not let him get worse. Please help him continue to get better. Please make all the tics and their symptoms stop. Please. Please I beg you please. He needs you. Please bestow your blessings upon him please heal and cure him I beg you please hear me. Please answer me, I am shaking with fear. Please don`t let him hurt anymore - hurt me not him please please answer me please. please I beg you for your help - please please I am urging you to answer my prayers please. It`s time for this condition to be removed to leave him. Please I trust him in your loving care please help him. Amen
Dear saint charbel, please help me and cure me from this illness,n. I`ve lost hope and i`m scared.
Dearest Saint Charbel, please pray for my daughter to have good mental health and to be strong no matter what happens. Protect her from any health problem that might affect her , be her doctor , bless her with good health. Pray to Jesus and the Holy Spirit to guide her , I am sure He will listen to you.Thank you
Our beloved at charbel, we love you and ask your help to live, guide and heal our Aunty Norma. Kindy bless for family and friends. We thank you.
Św. Charbelu proszę wstaw się u Jezusa za moim tatą. Proszę wypros łaskę uzdrowienia z raka. Nie ma przypadków. Wierzę,ze tak miało być. Wierzę, że to Ty zalatwiles mi olej. DZIEKUJE.
Dear Saint Charbel, Through the power of Jesus and your intercession I please request that my sister-in-law Beth be healed in mind body and spirit. May God`s will be done. Thank you.
Dear Saint Charbel, Through the power of Jesus and your intercession I please request that my sister-in-law Beth be healed in mind body and spirit. May God`s will be done. Thank you.
Dearest Saint Charbel, please be always with my daughter , you are her doctor. Cure her from any physical or mental illness. I pray day and night so that she is always fine. Please dont forget to cure her , we need you . Ask Jesus to bless her with wisdom to choose what is good for her so that she can never be sick again. Thank you
TI PREGO O GRANDE SANTO SAN CHARBEL, TI PREGO AIUTA mio figlio, Samuel in TUTTO, Aiuta la mia famiglia.GRAZIE, per tutte le Benedizioni che mi hai dato. LODE AL SIGNORE SUPREMO! ALLELUIA!
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