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Pray with others
We invite you to pray according to the prayers that you will find in this part of the website. We have chosen these prayers from the part “Write you prayer”. There are also prayers that have been sent to us directly. Every one of us needs the prayers of the others. And as God says in the Bible of Mathew: "Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them."
Dearest St Charbel, Please ya Rabi, betrajek. Please please I am begging you can you please answer my prayers. I am calling you. My son needs you desperately. Please please please help my boy Zac, please I plead with you, please make this illness go away FOREVER please. Please do not let him get worse. Please ya Rab please. Please watch over both my kids, please protect them keep them safe, healthy & happy. St Charbel I beg you please please please I beg you. Please make this illness go away and never return, I beg you please answer my prayers please. I beg you. I beg you. I beg you. I BEG you!! Please we need you stay with him and help him please, please give him strength not to give up. I love you. Amen
Dearest Mar Charbel, please stay with Tony as he is still getting symptoms from his sickness and help him to heal and go back to his normal life . We need your help badly . Amen
I pray Saint Charbel for his intercession to God to help me go though this period of solitude in search for my life companion to build a family with. I am about to give up to the idea of a family and kids. I am looking for Saint Charbel`s support to obtain a grace. I feel very alone and frustrated. anna
Dearest St Charbel, we thank you for your guidance, your live and protection. Please bless and heal our darling mother who adores you so much. Lay your healing hands on her oh dearest Saint Charbel, guide her, protect her. We love and need her. We pray, Glory to God. Glory to Jesus. Glory to our Mother Mary. With love we pray, Abdallah Family
Dear Saint Charbel, I visit you every time I go to my country Lebanon, my faith in you is never ending, in my hardest and good times I have nobody but you and Christ to go to. I know about all the things you have done, I thank God for everything I have, for my health and my family`s health. One thing that worries me Saint Charbel, I am mentally not healthy anymore, I don`t feel well, from obsession (OCD) to Bipolarity and overthinking, I`m constantly in depression and always worried about irrelevant things. And one thing that worries me I have told you about on my last visit to you, I know that it might not seem like a big deal to others and silly compared to all the problems people in this world are facing, but to me, it`s important, and it`s causing me great pain and ache, if I have to ask you for a miracle to end this then so be it, but I believe from the bottom of my heart that are sympathetic and merciful on my as well as my Lord Jesus Christ. I beg you and kiss your feet to end my pain inside and deliver me what I have asked for and will continue to ask for and Thank you for on every visit to your house and church. With great faith and love I pray to you. Amen dear Saint.
Dear Saint Charbel, Thank you for your help and sign. Please continue praying for me, ask for blessings to come to my life: love, man of my dreams, better job, money, marriage, children. Pray for K. and his sister G. and their family to be converted , to be touched by Jesus, to be saved. Pray for this boy to be cured from his sickness, and for my father and K. to be cured by miracle from being P. Pray for the soul of Karol and for his mother. Protect me with your prayers from bad people and enemies. Thank you.
Dear St Charbel, I had never heard of you until today. Someone testified to me of your good ness to him and I decided to look up your information on the internet. I am awed by the good works and the miracles you performed. My prayers are that I will find in PKA a soul mate, I will find favour in my job and to receive financial blessing. I am thanking you for interceding for me. I beseech you to intercede for me to get married to my sweetheart. Thank you for this discovery
Saint Charbel- I would to please you for my ilness skin.. I very suffer from this problem, you know this. Please, Hear my prayer and I try to blessed God in your person. Your Ania
Ya Mar Charbel shukran 3a kil chi bilhayet. W plz se3ed khaye bil jem3a w yle2e beit w ybatel depressed. Ya Mar Charbel plz delne 3al tare2 el sah w hmine min kil chi ma mneh w d3ele yezbat sheghel ma3e w ye2balune. Saint Charbel plz hmene w ehme 3aylte min amrad w b3atalna soha mneha w nshalla ya rab teshfe kil el marda w mehtej. Salilna deyman ana w 3aylte w hmina. Nshalla yezbat kil sheghel w yenjah Walid bi hayeto. Plz ya Mar Charbel salilna w kun had khaye hal fatra la2ano 3m yemro2 bi marhale sa3be. W ya 3adra hmene bhebak ya Mar Charbel Amen🙏🙏
Dear Saint, Wea are going to see a priest, an egzorcist the day after tomorrow-me and my brother- stay with us-lead that-we need to go there. Thank You for everything
Dear Saint Sharbel, I am not satisfied with me...I am constantly doing same mistakes -actulally not as much and often as before- bur there were situations i could not avoid. Please pray for my protection and for Holly spirit to guide me and advise me- One can not know what to do without God. Please protect me from skeems,gosiping-HELP ME SEE WHAT IS RIGHT Thank You
Dear Saint Charbel, I endlessly need Your strong help. Save me save me. Heal me, You`re the only one that can hear my cry. Heal me. Protect Paolo every moment n his life, You have to be there when I cannot be. Thank YOu, Marta
Dearest St Charbel, please answer my prayers I beg you.. Please help my son Zac get better. Please please please. I know everything will be ok because I trust you and I believe in you ya Mar Charbel. I`m trusting in and putting my son in your hands. I know you help so many people - you`re so special, can you please please bestow your love over my son healing him from this illness and also helping other families in the same situation.. Please please I beg you help my son get better please. Make this illness go away please.I beg you amen
Dear Mar Charbel, Please pray for Tony as he is still recovering from his sickness and needs your help. He is going through hard times and needs your prayers in asking God to heal him. Amen.
Dear saint Sharbel, How strong is a power of cinfession i have ralised in last few days. I have newer conffesed a fear because i have not think it is a sin...maybe it is not a sin but keeps you away from God. I have cinfessed a fear and that I believe in God but that I am not certain if i trust that i am wordy and that i am not sure i have confidance. Priest absolved me and i felt something which is not as important as that i am not affraid any more. That is how strong is that sacrament and that fact that i got rid of fear gave me strenght and confidance in God. Our Father speak to us in warious ways he wants to save us. Let us all open our eyes, hearts and ears so ve san sence our Father and Jesus. thank you for beautiful icon of saint Michael! I love You!
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