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Pray with others
We invite you to pray according to the prayers that you will find in this part of the website. We have chosen these prayers from the part “Write you prayer”. There are also prayers that have been sent to us directly. Every one of us needs the prayers of the others. And as God says in the Bible of Mathew: "Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them."
Dear Saint, Thank you for my brother has gone to an egzorcist...it is not the worse thing...but he said I have to go there too becouse it could be a spell or something on us ...I do not know everything because I am away from home but my brothers woice anh he were in peace and priest prayed over him and my husband a special prayer. Thank You I have hope. Please pray for my success at this bussiness trip..to have rigt attitude and words...please...a wishes person was constantly triing to make me look bad...It is in Yours ad Gods hands. I HAVE WISITED A GRAVES OF TWO FUTURE SAINTS AND HAVE BOUUGT ICON OF SAINT MICHAEL...I AM HAPPY.PLEASE PRAY SO I COULD HAVE MONEY FOR A BEAUTIFUL ICON OF SAINT ILIJA WHICH IS BIGGER AND MORE EXPENSIVE....HE IS MY SAINT I LOVE HIM. I WILL GIVE SAINT MICHAEL TO MY BROTHER. PRAY FOR US...STAY WITH US AND PRAY FOR US! HELP ME BE A CHRISTIAN AND TO SEE GODS WILL. IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL IN A CATHEDRAL...I COULD NOT STAY AT MASS. BUT I WAS YESTERDAY IN A BASILICA WHERE THE ODHER SAINT IS PRAY SO ONE DAY I COULD COME TO WISIT YOU BECAUSE ALDOUGH YOU ARE IN LIBANON YOU ARE MY FRIEND AND I DO NOT KNOW WHY I FEEL I AM CONNECTED SLECIALLY WITH YOU...YOU ARE LIKE A FATHER TO ME.
San Charbel i ask for peace in Middle East, for the purification of the whole Church and for all my needs and heart desires. Thanks.
Saint Charbel Makhlaf, the light of God is with thee. I thank you for you presence and care, your love and guidance. I ask that you help purify and cleanse my spiritual self, my physical self, and my mental self, so that i may be a better tool for the Divine--to help heal others and help show other the way. Thank you.
I know in life we are not judged by how many diplomas or what kinds of grades we receive. And this statrment was a reminder to me from st. Theresa, but as I struggle to reach my goals I thank God and Saint. Charbel for all the blessings. I ask from all of you to please keep me in your prayers through the next week to be able to pull through my classes and grades on hopes of making myself, God, and family proud. Not to brag or showoff but to help people im my career who are sick and to genuinely take care of others. Please my brothers and sisters I ask you just pray and help me through his stressful week so I can take another step further towards my goals. God bless everyone
Dear Saint Charbel, I endlessly need Your strong help. Save me save me. Protect Paolo every single moment in his life. You have to be there when I can not be. Help me find my medaille. Heal me, heal me. Thank You, Marta
Dear Saint Charbel, servant of God, please intercede for me and ask The Lord to heal my grandmother, Bronisława Swiętoń. Bless our family. I hope to visit your tomb one day. Amen.
Please I beg you YA Mar charnel, please help cure my son Zac. Please do not let him get worse. Please I beg you please let the detoxing and the medicine and what we`re doing help him. Please please I beg you. Please answer my prayers I beg you please. Amen
Dearest Mar Charbel, Please heal my son and stay with him through his hard days. We need your prayers in asking God to heal him so he can get back to his normal life. Please we need your help. Amen
Św.Charbelu proszę Cię, pomóż mi. Wstaw się za mną do Jezusa Chrystusa i wyproś mi łaskę uzdrowienia z choroby nowotworowej.
St. Charbel, please pray for the healing of Justyna, her sister and all the persons in her family who suffer from incurable disease.
Dear Saint Charbel and Fathers of Maronite Order, please pray about all the needed graces for me and my son Dawid and my friends: Mariola, Krzysiek, Andrzej, Miłosz. May Saint Charbel ask God for a good health and marriages for us. Thank you and God bless you!
Dear Lord in heaven I thank you for allowing me to pray today. My brother is suffering and in much pain from back surgery and his wife needs a good job to take care of them financially. i know you have helped me in past and kept my Chotee Babu alive and now I ask something special to pray for Tom the Father of my children. He suffers greatly and cannot care for himself due to emotional pain. Oh Lord I know you are great and wonderful and have answered my prayers many times. I always ask that you send the best angels and most powerful to take care of my children and grandchildren. Amen
Ya Rabbi, please please can you hear me? I`m calling you.. I`m begging you to have mercy on my son. I`m begging you to bestow your miracles over him. Please please ya Mar Charbel please answer my prayers. I`ve never needed you as much as I need you right now. I am begging you, please please help my beautiful boy to get better. Please please please DO SOMETHING, PLEASE DO NOT LET HIM GET WORSE. Please betrajek please please please I am desperately calling you to help my son. Please PLEASE please. I trust you - I know you will come and heal him. Please let that be very soon & please make all the symptoms fade away completely and never ever return. Please our Lord, our mother Mary, Jesus and all the saints. Please help our boy get better please I beg you please please answer my prayers. Please make it settle down now please. Please I beg you. Please give Zac strength to get through this. Please. I beg you. Give me an illness not my kids - not my son please. Free him from this illness please ya Mar Charbel please. Betrajek sa3e ebni. Khali yisour Ahsan khaki ha3del maras yerouh yetrok jesmou. Betrajek min kil albi. Betrajek smahne. In the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit - Amen
Милостивый Господь, моя подруга Нина очень больна. У неё цирроз печени. Прошу Тебя, Всемогущий Господь, исцели её от этой болезни через Святого Шарбеля. Господи, Ты слышишь нас , мы верим и молимся. Святой Шарбель, молись о нас, Аминь
От юности Ты Бога возлюбил еси, Блаженно служил Ему Единому трудом и непрестанною молитвою в пустыни подвизался, умиленным же сердцем любовь к Богу стяжав. Его ради вопием и мы: спасай нас молитвами своими, святой отец Шарбелъ, ливанский чудотворец! Помоги мне, Святой Шарбель, избавиться от тяжкой болезни. Умоли Господа простить грехи мои тяжкие клятвопреступления, спасти моих детей. Со слезами раскаяния прошу тебя об этом. Помоги мне излечиться. Благослови руки врачующих меня. Дай мне силы донести свой житейский крест. Аминь.
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