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Pray with others
We invite you to pray according to the prayers that you will find in this part of the website. We have chosen these prayers from the part “Write you prayer”. There are also prayers that have been sent to us directly. Every one of us needs the prayers of the others. And as God says in the Bible of Mathew: "Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them."
ti PREGO O S. CHARBEL FA` CHE GESù E MARIA aiutino i miei figli a essere autosufficenti e autonomi nel lavoro, economicamente, e di casa, affinchè possano mettere le basi di una loro vita e di una loro famiglia. Aiutali ti prego a essere sempre bravi ragazzi, brave persone, che l`Amore di DIO li accompagni sempre.E siano sempre bravi, rispettosi e affettuosi con me. GRAZIE O GRANDE SANTO.ALLELUIA! Antonella
O GRANDE SANTO CHARBEL TI prego umimente, aiutami nei tanti problemi, invoco umilmente il Tuo aiuto e nella situazione di mia madre malata grave vedova di 88 anni e in tutte le questioni che riguardano la suavita e tutto ciò che la riguarda, mi sento in difficoltà e ora ci sono anche problemi economici. Ti prego aiutami, sono un`unica figlia e mi sento troppo sola in mezzo a questo groviglio di problemi e di responsabilità. Solo DIO può aiutarmi visto che non ho avuto la fortuna di avere fratelli e sorelle .Ringrazio DIO che in questi anni mi ha aiutato, ma ho dovuto lasciare il lavoro per continuare ad aiutare la mamma, ora sono sfinita dai problemi e crucciata dalle preoccupazioni, che DIO mi salvi e abbia pietà di me e della mia famiglia . TI PREGO O Carissimo S. CHARBEL soccorrimi nelle mie necessità. DIO SIA LODATO E RINGRAZIATO!ALLELUIA!
god im here, lost im having a very hard time right now with everything i do, think, its seems the more i try to work, do what is good, and belongs to god the more i get attack from all sizes. im here in houston trying to help my son. you know his problems he is in very very serious problem but i know that if i keep with you and trust you you will take care of it, NOW I JUST NEED MY SON RAULLORENZO TO BELIEVD THAT TRUST YOU, BUT 1ST TURN HIS LIFE TO YOU. TK YOU SAN CHARBEL FOR THE MANY many times i beg of your help, thank you for hearing my crys to you n letting know god jesus that i have no where to run too, nor dose my son. only god. i have faith but something keeps on attacking me and my son, thing after things happens to us. they made mistake in court now my son has an warrant to arrest. til it is taken care by the lady that made mistake he is in danger, please san charbel, my son has started to stardering his words nervous, not able to sleep, a rash in his head, back of head, skin threw back.? his truck is damage, the neighbor downstairs keeps on throwing trash, dupping dirt, all kindas plants, herbs what ever it is, it is bad. im not able to sleep not a day that goes by, the apt is very nice clean in a very nice corne area which i dont get depress,lonly etx.. just this neighbor i told owner, she is in his side due he live here, n we dont live here we live in another town my son is here for parole, work. you know the whole story. san charbel help us to keep all enimies away. i ask of this miracle that i ask of you since problem make the testes deappeared lost, destroyed damage or just clear it of being normally nothing in test. amen amen i believe in you and all the santos de celo de luz. please ask all the santos to help you and help us in this problems we are facing now today this minute. i cant leave my son alone in this. i also have my house, husband 2 sons, dogs a rooster. yeeeaa at home they need me too, i dont want my sons husband to think, envy jeously int their hearts minds thinkings etx.. i will not love 1son more then the other never ever. you know that god almighty. clear their thoughts remove all demons devils of satans, work spells evilfriends neighbors which you know lord they hate us very very much for what i still dont know we dont bother noone we dont talk to noone, my sons do they go by a few friends down the streets but that is it. my youngest needs you so so much of his anger, crazyiness thinkings n the way he is it is no no not evil but i dont like the way he is, my middle one you know him he is stock in his room allday night dooing nothing he dose not have 2 ears born only with 1 ear his i have suffered so much by people caling him names uly and noo GIRLS WANT HIM FOR A BOY FRIEND ETC.. I KNOW SOME OF HIS PROBLEMS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THIS. he has a about a 7grade mentally speaking very funny his face gose to 1 side what is the damage, vision not good, spelling reading not good. i ask of your mercy to come heal cure him slowly but surely, i ask of yor help i ask god, nino fidencio santo nino atocha that the dr that did surgeries finish his job. DR ARTURO BONILLA ONLY DID SOME STOP BECAUSE MEDICAID PAID ONLY SOME THINGS AND LEFT US LIKE THAT, dr took 1 rib and made ear, and then what, god god what did i did. i ask of why i did believed this dr, now my son is older no insurances no nothing he is left like this his ribs hurt very much he says he cant breath good, help him san charbel please cure his mentally emotional illness depressions. but most of all to love him self, care for himself take care of him self he lives not caring help me please all the monks of annaya dont leave my petitiones un prayed for pray on them day, night fight for me help me against satans doing, to destroyed me threw all these of live. im also going thew vey hard times no $,job, sickness after sickness, my high blood pressure just bad, my heart hurts, my headache badly ea day night none stop til i block it, i dont sleep ever 1,2 hours up day after day yesterday my eyes hurt i aslo been kinda sacking tremding all ove my body up to the head i call upon god, and you san charbel, cus my nerves kick in my anxietys panicking attacks the whole sicknessess. but i fight it with god , you please dont leave me alone, i got sick due to this neighbor down stairs that calls me names, looks at me ugly down bad things to upset me he dosent like me i dont know why, only he knows why i need you to please get him out of our live move go away, please, he is evilness in his looks heart, but owner likes him very much, dosent matter what i tell her it like talking to the wall, make her see things, or for her husband to see things, here it is just money, and favors help me please we have enoug already in our hands i dont need this. another thing i been going to a church pentescto, i live the word but i felt bad saturday when the pastor i ask to pray for my highblood pressure, headaces. he said that bcuse im catholic that i had n all my sons family had all this due that i worships idots, i got very angry told him off nicely, i told him i would died burn for my believed, holy mary, santos, i like very much the church, but dont mess with my santos, forgive me san charbel you know my hearts, and explocions tha i can be i had not been like that over years years. now i dont know where to go to church, i have speack so dearly of this church to people friends i dont want to speak badly help me how to handley this, dont let satan stop me fr getting god words. i have learn, understand felt good here, i didnt felt alone n being just here in apt. lead me somewhere. also tell me what to say, how, act right. dont let me be myself but the holyspriit, i aslo need you to tell me who, is the one that tell mes all this thing s thta i say or think and is true right on the dot. is it you who, if it is you mil gracias dont leave me ever please amen protect my sons husband house trucks as they drive to work store, especially us here in houston we are alone dont know people noone, put good people to talk help us fix my truck byt we have no money,or job i need to fine something to work few hours, days but able to leave, pickup my son fr work help me us bless my sons keep all law away dont let them come pick my son up clear fix the problem at courts. amen also remove all his enimies (friends) thats why he is trouble due thta he always obey listen to his so called friends. now we are alone in this. i ask of your wisdome knowledge be put pure on my sons minds thinkings thoughts, eyes to see, ears to hear god jesus holyspirit holy mary you san charbel todo los santos de celo de luz amen correct me also if im wrong thinkings thoughts words but most of all help me to love god more ea day every day more then my sons my life. help me with al lthis sickness to go away what is not of god i commend dieases out of my body now give me my life back my minds, my strenghts, energ my beauty im, was a very beautiful woman, now right now i look very old, aged ugly deep eyes skins wringle, my skin is not my skin im dark an ugly dark colored i had a beautiful colored that all my life people of different nationalitys have had always ask me what where im from my colored of skin was like a beautitul cinn/bronze orange/bannana/ light suntan something unbelieeveable.. now im darkest ugly i dont go to sun or im i out in sun. i remmber here always where who i dont remmeber, when people look like me we have a death person on us that someone sent to hurts us, that death persons destroyed us every way they can??? help me san charbel. remove it. set me free and my sons raul,lorenzo,jonathan,gary,nathan edgar, esteban, myself linda amen
Mar Sharbel, Please be my advisor to the lord and guide me towards his direction so that I don`t disappoint him. Please intercede on my behalf and ask God to touch my heart and mind and fill them with love, kindness, wisdom, humility, confidence, and peace. Help me to accept God`s will and to have more patience, faith, and hope. Help remove fear and worry from my heart and mind. I want to be happily married with a beautiful family of my own. Help me to accept God`s timing and for me to not easily get disappointed with life`s struggles; but rather, to grow stronger. I ask that you also pray for MM and to help him with his struggles. If it`s not meant to be with him then I wish him well. Thank you for your prayers.
Saint Charbel cure our son Wojtek who has many warts on juz hands,chin and near his eye.Pray for our marriage and Brygida who is expecting a baby.
Please pray for Mr. Matt who is suffering from an accident and has a concussion and suffering from depression and sadness.
god i have so much problems rihgt now to deal with you know them all at church they are crayz for me to leave my catholic n at apt this crazy man downstairs just every day something to do to make me made he is not all their i told the owner she refuses to do any thing about it im so upset nomatter what i tell her she dosent od nothing about it. help me san charbel to fine somewhre with 2 beds for lower price please god help us here it is good n paz nice it is just this crazy man n girl doing drugs drunks n evilness help me san charbel to alejaros de a ki de mei i mi hijos to leave us alone n go away move fr here please amen
Saint Charbel pray for us and give us your benediction. Give the health and the serenity of the heart for our families and every person in need.Amen
Dear Saint Charbel, I endlessly need Your strong help. Save me, heal me. Heal me. You hav to stay with Paolo every single moment in his life, especially when I cannot be there. Protect us bith. Thank You, Marta
O Saint Charbel, bless the love of my life, Protect him from temptation and sin. Fill him with wisdom and strength. God, we place our worries and troubles into your wisdom. We place our path, direction and goal into your love. Be with us!
San Charbel prega per noi che ricorriamo a voi, intercedi per noi presso Gesù amen
Lord Jesus, keep me in Your will. Don’t let me go mad by poking about outside it Za wstawiennictwem Sw. Charbela proszę o zrealizowanie mojego powołania do małżeństwa, potrzebne łaski i Boże Błogosławieństwo.
Dear Saint Sharbel do not let anybody humiliate me ever again...I have been through hell...please...you are my mother and father...nobody ever stood up for me...please! I need rehabilitation and healing I can not stand that any more
Dear Saint Sharbel, You are all I have. I am so alone and frigtened. Please ask Jesus for a mikracles. Please ask him to heal my brother to give him faith...we do not have anybody on this earth but we have You and Jesus. Wisheas people did us wrong. Please! There are people at work who are dangerous...especially a woman who is constantly triung to make me look incopetent...i am tired from hers skeems and I can not fight the same wishes way...it was 15 yers of torture from her and odher colegues and her father...telling lies...You can see it all. Please make her stop together with saint Michael and saint Ilija...it is now toomuch for me...make her foll in the hole she is digging for me....if she is triing, or anybody else , to put shame on me...make them shame...stop that forever. Please pray for a terrain to be sold...so we can live normal life....help us,defend us....fight for us. Ask God to forgive all our sins and take all spels and evil from us. Thank You!
it`s been a very hard year for me, my son who 4 years old has Lukemia which is blood cancer. His name is Emad Issa Nesheiwat please pray for his cure and complete healing. Please pray for him everyday with me. Thank you
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