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Pray with others
We invite you to pray according to the prayers that you will find in this part of the website. We have chosen these prayers from the part “Write you prayer”. There are also prayers that have been sent to us directly. Every one of us needs the prayers of the others. And as God says in the Bible of Mathew: "Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them."
I pray to you saint charbel to bring positive changes into my life , gain better employment so I can support my family , I pray to you to mend my broken heart and broken relationship with my partner So I can ask her to marry me I. I pray for her forgiveness and strength to come back into my life forever . I pray for peace , love , happiness and wealth into my life .
Święty Charbelu, proszę Cię pomóż mi.Wstaw się za mną do Jezusa Chrystusa o moje uzdrowienie z choroby nowotworowej.Dziękuję Ci, że jesteś. .
Please help me with my prayer life and worrying. My Hotmail has been hacked or blocked. I am supposed to be going to Ukraine to teach English and need to get into account for plane ticket and school e-mails. Please help solve this and prayer that I learn patience and trust. For my sister Anne`s conversion and out of gay lifestyle. Peace in my family and miracle of faith and peace in all the family
Saint Charbel, i know you can hear my prayers and you know what is in my heart.. pray for me at my father Jesus .. i am already blessed with one baby boy so i am more fortunate than other women who don`t know the mum feeling. i am diagnosed with endometriosis on one ovary while my second ovary was totally removed due to the same problem. doctors said my chance of getting pregnant again is only 5% , i have done my IVF operation during my visit to lebanon two months back but still result became negative.. saint charbel i am now asking your grace to get pregnant again.. i know Jesus will give me what is best for me and at the right time i ask you saint charbel to grant me patience and faith in god to overcome this.. i want to pray as well to all those women who cannot get pregnant at all as i know the feeling and it hurts a lot .. at least for me i have already a son. please saint charbel grant children to those who can`t in the name of Jesus. Amen
dear st charbel Thank you for your Life and testimony love of jesus i come to you and offer my poor heart i want to be next to mary and jesus but i have difficulties to accept god`s will and to see it in my Life especially with my work and with my Life as a woman. So i ask your help to show me the way and to accept authority and difficulties in my job and also to persévère in my couple to be in truth. Also i want to be little and ask you to show me the way of humility. I pray for my step son Maxime and anais and Thank you for my husband
please pray for the healing of Zeina Rizallah Hanna, flr world peace and yhe Rezk,Kfoury,Katam,Zaven and Audic families; thank you and المجد لله، دايماً لله.
For intercession of Jesus Christ via St. Charbl; I offer prayer for heaing of my wife Hosiana, finnishing my bachelor studies, for my son Samweli school achievment and general good economy in my life. Salamu Maria Bwana yu nawe, umebarikiwa kuliko wanawake wote na Yesu mzao wa tubo lako amebarikiwa......Maria Mtakatifu mama wa Mungu utuombee sisi wakosefu sasa na saa ya kufa kwetu. Amina
Dear st.Charbel, thanks God and You for pray! Pray to God for Health and His blessing for Orest, Ewa, Emilia, Wasyl, Oleksii, Lesya, Julia with family. Dear st.Sharbel, pray for ukrainian soldiers fighting for our Ukraine.
Dear Saint Charbel, I endlessly need your strong help. Save me save me. Protect Paolo every single moment in his life, you have to be by his side every moment I cannot be there. Protect us both. Thank You, Marta
Dear Saint Charbel, please for your intercession to God for the grace of healing me from many serious diseases; that He strengthened my faith, hope and love, and I could accept His mercy and not afraid to abandon the `old man` and live in truth and responsibly. Krzysztof
Dear Saint Charbel, we thank you for all the protection you have given to us. Through your prayers please continue to guide and give strength to my husband in all that he does and for us to live our life for God`s will. It is our utmost wish to start a family and we seek your prayers also so that we are blessed with the gift of a child. Thank you - St Charbel pray for us.
Dear saint Charbel and our Zayda of Soufaieh,Zeitun ,Medjugorjeand of Grushewo protteggete i cristiani e i curdi ,gli ucraini e i filorussi,salvatte Kobane e fate che io ed Alessanndra T. ci riappacifichiamo in modo da non rovinarci la vita tutti e due e non finiamo all`inferno e portate in Paradiso Saddam HUssein,GHeddafi,Arafat,GEmayel,Ariel Sharon,Regan e Boris HEltsin.TTHank you
Dear Saint Sharbel, My brother is stabile now-after Your prayers-Plese heal him completely. My goodfather aranged a meeting with an egzorcst for my brother-my brother agreed-lead that and protect us. Please pray for a situations at work-especially for a female person who was always doing me harm -telling lies abouth me ...everything-I can not stand that any more-make her stop-I have worked hard for my possition at work-I can not do to her what she has done to me-I just can not and I do not know how to make her stop. Tell her to live me alone and take her of my back forever. Pray for me and my fammila and for all people that did us wrong. I do not know if I have forgiven or not-I think I have but I am wounded-I was newer able to give back the same way-thanks to God-I am gratefull-That is why I need You to pray for. Thank You
Dear st Charbel please forgive me for all the sins I have done I am very sorry for lieing to my father I am going to show him that I have learnt and that i am going to push my grades up this term and make him the happest father. I love you speedy. Please st Charbel help me.❤️❤️❤️❤️
Dear Saint Charbel . I endessly need Your strong help for my son Peter. Pray for my son Peter to be cured from his psychical illes. I know that You will answer my pryers.Thank You. Amen. Mather Urszula
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