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Pray with others
We invite you to pray according to the prayers that you will find in this part of the website. We have chosen these prayers from the part “Write you prayer”. There are also prayers that have been sent to us directly. Every one of us needs the prayers of the others. And as God says in the Bible of Mathew: "Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them."
Another beautiful day is upon us by waking up and seeing the sun again. Please guide us in the right direction and help us succeed in our daily work to provide for our families. Please protect us always and thank you for everything.
Dear Saint Sharbel, I need strenght, advice and protection from You and God. Pray for me and situations. Love You!
Dear Saint Charbel please intercede for my family. I pray for the healing of my father, mother, Arnold, Jude, patience and caroline. Deliver my father and brothers from the spirit of alcoholism. Deliver David, Jude and Patience from the spirit of epilepsy and convulsions. Heal our lineage and may all of us grow in faith, love of God and be granted peace. Amen
Dearest St Charbel, I ask you please to protect and watch over my family. Ya Rab I love them more than anything I`ve ever loved and I pray for their happiness, health and protection. St Charbel I pray that you listen and answer my prayers when I beg you to help my so get better. Please please please do not let him get worse, please please please I beg you help him so that this illness fades away everyday until it dissappears permanently and never ever returns. Please please I beg you.. Please help my boy, with the special significance this week of the novena holds, I pray that you will hear how much my boy needs you to help him. Ya Mar Charbel I believe in you and in your love and your ability to heal people and I ask you to take my son into your loving arms and care for him. I need you please to help my son please. Please please I beg you please. Amen
Dear Saint Charbel, I endlessly need Your strong help. Protect Paolo every single moment in his life. You have to be there when I can`t be. Hlep us both. Thank You, Marta
Please Saint Charbel pray today and everyday for my daughter to have good health and be cured so that she can enjoy life. Protect her from any danger. Thank you
Saint Charbel, please, help my brother Victor, who need a good wife.
god tk you vy much for helping me threw this web. I don`t know who reads my petitiones. but don`t care. as long it is gone to san charbel church. if it is a lyd that is good too. cus san charbel is a spirite n knows are hearts knows that we need him n asking god to help us. n if people enjoy lyding using god n saints to their benefits that`s on them they shouldn`t do that that is using god name in vein. I ask of some kilnd of answered a note a prayer any k;ind of text threw my email nothing no answered fr this web site. you say if we want the monks to read this shared with them. THEN WHY NOT ANSWERE US BACK TO KNOW WHAT KIND OF PEPOPLE ARE YOU, IF YOU RECEIVED OUR PETITIONES LIKE I SAID WHO IS READING OUR PETTIONS. IS IT A JUST A FACKING WEB SO WE CAN GET IN IT. WELL IF IT IS THIS WAY THTA I ASK SAN CHARBEL NOT TO HELP YOU US HIM ANYMORE FOR YOUR BENIEFITS. SAN CHARBEL DONT LET PEOPLE CHEAT US FR YOUR FAITH ESPECIALLY US GOD IN VEIN. JESUSCHRIST I ASK OF MY PETITIONES BE SEAL WITH YOUR PRECIOUS BLOOD N HELP ME TO DEFEND MY SELF SONS HUSBAND BROTHERS SISTERS FR ALL EVIL FORCES OR FR THIS WEB. WE HAVE ENOUGH PROBLEMS ALREADY TO DEAL WITH ANY MORE HELP ME TO LOVE YOU GOD ABOVE ALL THINGS N TRUST IN YOU JESUSCHRIST OUR LORD SAVIOR N LET SAN CHARBEL N ALL YOUR SAINTS TO HELP ME IN ALL MY NEEDS PLEASE AMEN
Please Saint Charbel listen to my sincere prayers to cure my daughter and I promise to visit you every month as long as I live. Saint Charbel ask Jesus Christ to give her good health and Joy and happiness . Thank you
Please pray for Fiona who is ill from alcoholism and for her young children. Please pray that my husband finds work and please pray for my health. St Sharbel pray for us. Thank you.
Please answer all my prayers and our families today and everyday. Please take away all our fears, worries, anxieties, depressions and stress. Pray that our two daughter`s have beautiful, normal healthy babies. One due this OCTOBER THE OTHER NEXT FEBRUARY. Let our other daughter complete her teacher`s training course and become a qualified teacher as soon as posible and graduate this December. Help her to give up cigarette smoking. THANK YOU.
Please st. Charbel pray for me, that Jesus will healing me. please help me.
يا شربل الحبيس يا قدير يا قديس/ كن بعوني كل يوم تتعلمني الصلى والصوم/ والعفة والتقشف وقلة النوم/ وتقدمة هالجسم بافراحه واوجاعه/ قربان مقبول للحي بذاته/ يعطني القوة الفرح والشجاعة كل يوم بحياتي/ ويخلي الرجا والايمان والمحبة ةقود كل خطوة من خطواتي/ ويرضى عليي بالقيامة من القبر بعد مماتي
Please pray for the intentions of Peter, for the health of it, take care of the Mother of God and the gifts of the Holy Spirit
I pray that Daughter`s Father in law is free from the maladies of his body. He has non hodgekins lymphoma. And he is having a stent put in his heart as we speak and he was Vietnam so he has agent orange problems. So Lord I ask you to let him be free so that he can enjoy his family.
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