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Pray with others
We invite you to pray according to the prayers that you will find in this part of the website. We have chosen these prayers from the part “Write you prayer”. There are also prayers that have been sent to us directly. Every one of us needs the prayers of the others. And as God says in the Bible of Mathew: "Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them."
I ask our Father in Jesus`s name to release my family, my husband & myself from money trouble in which we have one after another coming against us. Release us from loans, repaymemt and being debtors in the world. I hate the world sucking the life out of people harassing us all in various ways. I want us to be free from the worry of money. Amen.
Saint Charbel , please I need your blessing to give my daughter good mental health. I promise to always have gratitude as long as i live. You cured so many people , please do the same for my daughter. Thank you
I beg God and Saint Charbel for life and health of my 8 year old daughter Isabella and for her brain tumor disappear.
Please pray my sisters business improves and gets busy
Please pray that the doctors get all the cancer out of his body and he will be cancer free so that he can watch his 7 year old and 5 year old grow up. Please heal him and cure him of this awful illness. We are faithful and know God has a plan.
Dear st.Sharbel thanks God and You for pray! Pray to God for Health and His blessing for Orest, Ewa, Emilia, Wasyl, Oleksii, Lesya, Julia wtih family.
Dear st.Sharbel, pray for ukrainian soldiers fighting for our Ukraine.
Please Saint Charbel pray for my daughter to have good mental and physical health. I promise to try all my best to have gratitude. Thank you , always pray for her and cure her.
Dakheelak Mar Charbel..nawerleh taree2eh bi nourak..your presence in my life is becoming more important and more special as each day passes..i need you to guide me and to support me. Wjoudak bi 7ayati is teaching me so much.Please Mar Charbel give me the strength to pass my exams. You know what ive been through the last 2 years and i need some positivity in my life. Please help me Mar Charbel for you are the saint of miracles. I need you to protect me and protect my family. B7ibak kteer Mar Charbel
You are the powerful one my Lord you know people`s intentions and judge us according to that. I pray to show the truth and let justice take place let good and peace prevail and guide all leaders to do the rig thing. Amen
Święty Charbelu proszę uproś Jezusa o zdrowie dla mojego męża. Ufam w moc Twojego wstawiennictwa.
Please Saint Charbel pray for my daughter during this Lent time to be cured , ask God to bless her and give her good health , I pray day and night and promise to do anything to please you. Thank you
Please pray for health for my mother Teresa (62). Doctors diagnosed canser of plasma cells. I and my family, we belive that Jesus can heal her. Saint Charber intercede for our mother.
Dear st Charbel, this British man mark allcock he have faith on you and he prays for you , please let him get this job in Abu Dhabi if it is good for him. He needs your hand for this opportunity, his future with your hands. He trusts in you. Thank you
Dear Saint Charbel. I pray day and night hoping that you ask the Lord to bless my daughter and cure her from this illness. I know you have treated so many people , she is my only child, please take care of her and give her good health. Thank you
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