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Pray with others
We invite you to pray according to the prayers that you will find in this part of the website. We have chosen these prayers from the part “Write you prayer”. There are also prayers that have been sent to us directly. Every one of us needs the prayers of the others. And as God says in the Bible of Mathew: "Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them."
Dear Saint Charbel, please be always with my daughter , give her good mental and physical health. Help lead a normal life full of joy and success. Pray to Jesus to bless her to be always happy, cure her please.Thank you
I come to you today to ask that you do not give up on my son, Daniel. Daniel is having another bad day of pain and he is starting to get discouraged once again. He was coming to a place in his heart where he was changing for the better with the lessening of the pain from his last back surgery in April. He has good days and really, really bad ones with the pain. I am asking that you please keep Daniel in prayers and lift them up to the divine healer, Jesus. Daniel has returned to his faith in God and is hoping that he will soon see a day where there is no further pain and he can begin helping others once more. I thank you for all prayers and for the continuance of same.
Dear Saint Charberl I endlessly need You strong help. Save me save me. Protect Paolo every single moment in his life: You have to by his side when I cannot be there. Thank You, Marta
Dear Saint Charbel, please heal our dearest friend, George Khattar who is suffering from cancer. Please free his body from pain and suffering and take away his illness in order for him to live a longer, healthier, happier life with his loving family. Amen
Dear Saint, Please pray for peace and love in a prayer groups I am in. Thank YOU_LOVE YOU
Please Lord with the intercession of St Charbel come to the assistance of a dear handicaped boy who has reached the end of his schooling. He needs a dignified job; help his parents secure what is the best for his future. I ask this in Jesus`s name. All praise to the risen Lord.
Dear Saint, I have not slept in cca 10-15 days at all-I now where it ic comming from-Please pray so it goes avay. Please pray for protection from gossiping, skeems etc and please pray for my protection at work. Love You
Dear Saint Charbel, Please cure my daughter , be always with her to have good mental health and have a life full of Joy, bless her with your prayers, God listens to you. Thank you
please pray for my work
St CHARBEL dziekuje ci za uratowanie Anity 22 lipca 2014 i za udana operacje Bogu niech beda dziekii chron to dziecko przez jej zycie nie zostawiaj swojej corki Mniej nas w opiecie bardzo ci dziekuje Sw Charbelu Pan z Toba AMEN WDZIECZNI RODZICE
Dear Saint, I am desperate-again same thing with my brother-we are abuth to go to a monastery to renewal and Evil is atacking- wery bad exam tests but there is no illness -the tests show something than noting and he is loosing strenght and and and...I am tired Pray and help-LOVE YOU-I know you are with me all the time-I just know that
بركتك يا قديس شربل تنحل مشكلتي يللي عّم عاني مننا هلق وتكون شغلتها بسيطة،بركتك يا قديسنا ما يكون في شي،يا رب يا غفور يا رحيم
Dear Saint Charbe, I always ask you to take care of my daughter , heal her , pray that she will be blessed with good health. I will never forget as long as i live to thank for all you are doing for our family. Thank you
Saint Charbel please heal my Father make cancer disappear restore health I beg you deep from my heart and soul please hear me
Saint Charbel please watch over my family and keep them away from evil. Bless my dear arnaud who stands by my side no matter what and supports me through my illness and never let me down. Bless also my friends and their families especially cynthia`s mother who has recently been diagnosed with leukemia, give her the courage to fight. And bless freddy who told me about you. Thank you saint charbel for watching over us.
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